Welcome to Progressive Martial Arts

You will find we offer some of the finest martial arts instructing and training available anywhere in a professional, fully equipped martial arts school.

Our facilities are specifically geared to promote quick efficient learning, fun classes, and an all-round exciting experience.

World Class Martial Arts, Self Defence and Fitness - What more could you ask for?

The martial arts that we offer are second to none. Everything from street self-defence to sport techniques are offered. We cater for all ages, sexes and experience levels. It is our aim to help the student develop both physically and mentally with action packed fun classes.

Still Need Convincing?

If you are still reading this then we must have sparked some interest. Let’s face it, you could keep thinking about it and never get round to it. On the other hand you could contact us today and discover it's the best decision you have ever made.

Whatever you motivation for training - "I want to lose weight" "I want to be a black belt" “I want to meet new people" "I want to set an example to my kids" it all starts with the first step.